Growing Up

Sitting in her plush office, typing away on the smartest laptop available in the market, her eyes are constantly drawn to the latest notification from Facebook in her inbox. It was a notification about a friends upcoming birthday. Chuckling to herself she looks out the window overlooking the city’s vast expanse. She laughs because a few years back such reminders weren’t necessary. Friends’ birthdays were sacred and the dates were etched in her mind. Gifts and surprise parties were carefully planned and every tiny detail was taken care of. The friend today is a mother to a 2-year old. 

Sadly, she can’t even recall the baby’s name instantly. From being close friends through school and university, today they are strangers living in the same city but figuring in each others lives only on Facebook.

The graduation, the job, the engagement, the wedding. Big occasions meant to be celebrated with loved ones. They had dreamt about these together whilst bunking classes at school. Only if they knew back then these would happen albeit with different people around them.She smirks today thinking how quickly they grew up. How the whole growing up thing messed up their priorities and forced them to change. There was no fight, no disagreement or quarrel. Only lack of time and unspoken words that drew them apart. It wasn’t as if she hadn’t tried to remain in touch. Maybe nobody would believe her if she confided her thoughts to them, in her heart she knew she had tried to move past the sudden distanced feelings, however unsuccessfully. Who knows what went wrong. Today, years later as she sees the birthday notification, its only with sadness she realizes that she doesn’t remember her friends’ birthday anymore. What was sacred once is unimportant today.

Do you realize that relationships like people have destinies too? Some keep rebounding, some lie dormant for years and some stay only for a few. The ones that have run their course only become a burden if one tries to keep them alive. Times change and so do we as people. We grow up. And its only best to let people move on from your life. And move out from other peoples lives as well. Maybe becoming happy strangers is better than being bitter friends.

Smiling to herself, she pushes out memories from another life and adds the notification on the Faceboook calendar. Maybe this year she will wish her friend Happy Birthday instead of HBD on her wall. That could be a new start. Right?