Why People Love Living in the Gulf

In all my travels outside the gulf region, i’ve had atleast one conversation with local people on the lines of the below. This region and specifically the UAE are so much talked about and reported world over that people who’ve never been here have dreamt up a certain kind of over-the-top-larger-than-life image about the place (i’ve been asked if we get sandstorms like one filmed on Tom Cruise in MI4. Don’t even get me started on that!)

The conversation usually goes something like this –

Them: where are you from?

Me: Dubai
(because that’s where i’ve been raised and technically the only thing that stands in way of me calling it my ‘real’ home is lack of citizenship. Anyhow you get the drift, answer to that question is usually Dubai)


Me: o_O No i don’t live in the Burj, we have other normal buildings. But i can see it from where i live! (Because boasting comes naturally to folks from dubai teehehe)

Them: oooh we’ve heard so much about the place, we want to move there!

Me: Good luck with that!

So, for all you guys who’ve had similar talks with travellers from the gulf, here is something to answer all your root questions. Everything that you read may seem FUNNY but is really TRUE. But you can experience it only if you decide to move here with an open mind.

Have a dekko for a laugh 😀

Why Living In The Middle East is Awesome