Circle of Life

Life and Death are two sides of a coin. Such a cliched line, isn’t it? One we try to get through with eyes open and not complain about, and the other we’re afraid to think about.

There are so many unfortunate things that you see happening to other people, but never for a second imagine it could ever happen to you. But it takes near experience of death to sit up and take notice of life. Especially when it occurs close to home. It’s only when tragedy strikes closer to home do you start questioning, and trying to make sense of life in a larger picture.

Don’t  you think death is the worst game cheater out there? Always playing games with our minds. Sometimes it makes one wait years before taking them in, and at times, it comes unannounced, not caring whether the person is ready or not.

As if it’s trying to say, time’s up buddy, it’s time to finally head home. And what can you do when that happens? Wave goodbye and fly away silently.

But does it even think about people that get left behind, after it takes away the most precious part of their existence?

All they can do is shed tears. Tears for the feeling of loneliness yet to arrive. Tears for the moments that could’ve been lived, shared and laughed about. Tears for the hours, the night before, where the only thought was the hopefulness of the next day.

But slowly the tears dry up and they wave back. Wishing the departed soul, much more love and laughter in their next life.

Such is life. You just get through it trying to make it count and then one fine day, poof! it’s gone. Forever. Taken over by death, the circle of life completes itself.



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