Just another day at work

Earlier at work today, the lady who joined at the position that i wanted to work in, asked a question. To be precise, she asked not one, but two VERY dumb questions. It’s not the questions themselves but the person who was asking them that made me mad. This person claims to have lived and worked in the country for over a decade. And the questions she asked were closely related to the work she has done in the past. Even if it didn’t, believe you me, even a school kid could’ve answered them! 

Today’s incident re-enforced my belief that in Dubai, as long as someone is from a particular nationality and looks a certain way, they will be hired despite lacking in qualifications (or even average intelligence).

I suppose some people are just plain lucky to reach where they do. I wait with bated breath for the day when her below-average intelligence is unleashed on others, as it was unleashed today on me.

Until then, i will keep picturing this in my head. Thank god for small joys.