Eid Break – Drive to Sila’a

I accompanied a few friends on a road trip to explore Sila’a, a small town located near the southern border of UAE. The drive towards south of UAE is a long one and is majorly made up of  a never-ending highway overlooking the coast of gulf. Marked with sparkling blue green waters on one side and desert on the other, let not the lonely highway put you off. Loads of small places to be discovered and explored along the way. However, one needs to be mindful of areas they can visit, as most places along this route are under military control, belong to corporates for offshore oil exploration or are private properties belonging to members of the royal family. On our trip, we managed to discover a property literally in the middle of nowhere, and also one that coincidentally belonged to a local sheikh. Luckily for us, the sole caretaker (who appeared and disappeared quickly and magically) was pretty sweet and allowed us to photograph the beautiful waters standing atop their land.

Also, as no trip that takes you through the capital city of Abu Dhabi is complete without visiting the Grand Mosque, we chose to take a quick stopover there as well. I got lucky and got a chance to click it in the evening light this time around 🙂

Below are a few pictures from the trip. All pictures are clicked on EOS650D with a standard lens and have not been retouched. I think the colours look absolutely gorgeous captured in natural light! I only wish I had jotted down names of routes or areas that we stopped at to click them, don’t think will be able to point other travellers to these places, mostly because i forget where they are!


PS – In case you’re wondering what happened to pictures of the town, you can stop. Thanks to our adventures along the way, we didn’t make it to Sila’a. Hopefully some other time! x


Let's Dive In!

Let’s Dive In!



Lonely Boat

Lonely Boat

Calm Waters

Calm Waters

Sun Setting on the Desert

Sun Setting on the Desert

The Lonely Highway

The Lonely Highway

Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi

Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi


Why People Love Living in the Gulf

In all my travels outside the gulf region, i’ve had atleast one conversation with local people on the lines of the below. This region and specifically the UAE are so much talked about and reported world over that people who’ve never been here have dreamt up a certain kind of over-the-top-larger-than-life image about the place (i’ve been asked if we get sandstorms like one filmed on Tom Cruise in MI4. Don’t even get me started on that!)

The conversation usually goes something like this –

Them: where are you from?

Me: Dubai
(because that’s where i’ve been raised and technically the only thing that stands in way of me calling it my ‘real’ home is lack of citizenship. Anyhow you get the drift, answer to that question is usually Dubai)


Me: o_O No i don’t live in the Burj, we have other normal buildings. But i can see it from where i live! (Because boasting comes naturally to folks from dubai teehehe)

Them: oooh we’ve heard so much about the place, we want to move there!

Me: Good luck with that!

So, for all you guys who’ve had similar talks with travellers from the gulf, here is something to answer all your root questions. Everything that you read may seem FUNNY but is really TRUE. But you can experience it only if you decide to move here with an open mind.

Have a dekko for a laugh 😀

Why Living In The Middle East is Awesome


Six Men fashion ‘styles’ in UAE that need to go!

Walk into any mall, cinema, restaurant or a club in the country and you are bound to find atleast a dozen men who could really do with a fashion stylist. I often hear men complaining about how women take ages to shop for the right pair of jeans or top. All I’d like to say to these men is there is a big reason for that and perhaps if you took some time as well to buy the right kind of clothes, women would be hovering all around you like bees atop a flower. Presenting below are my six style disasters that men in UAE need to avoid and run miles away from ASAP!

1) Low waist pants

Guys, if you think showing your ugly boxer shorts or butt crack will bring the ladies to your yard, you really need to have your head examined. The only people getting attracted to your lower-than-the-lowest-your-pants-can-fall attire are the fashion police.

Confused whether picking or dropping them?

Ermmm confused whether picking or dropping them?

2) Really Tight Pants

Owners of lower-than-lowest pants are closely followed by the wearers of fat bulging tight pants (and dont even get me started on tight leather pants). Its sad how so many decent looking chaps fall into the trap and end up buying/wearing pants two sizes (if not more) smaller than actual. Perhaps consider investing in a long mirror at home? If you can afford buying clothes from expensive places, do take some time and check whether they actually fit you!

Umm hello Mr Tight Leather Brands.

Umm hello Mr Tight Leather Brands.

3) Deep Cleavage Barring V-Necks

These only look good on a handful of men who possess a reasonably good body and somewhat less chest hair (a completely waxed chest is obviously more preferable, but that’s another story). V-necks are not meant for everyone and should you want to wear them, try and layer it with a jacket or vest, coz on its own its a bit off-putting to look at. Especially when worn by men with zero-personality. Ill-fitted V-neck make you look less macho and more gayish. Only difference is gay men actually dress up much nicer and won’t ever wear crap things like weirdly tapering v-necks.

Even Ed Westwick isn't allowed this!

Even Ed Westwick isn’t allowed this!



What can be worse than a v-neck? A tightly fitted v-neck. And god help my eyes when they spot one in the neon colors that are all rage this season.

No, don't even try this.

No, don’t even try this.


5) Really Really tight shirts

I’ve often been in meetings and at events where my mind got distracted coz of men in the room with shirts so tight that it made me uncomfortable to even look at them. So unless you have a physique like Beckham or Tatum, please please get a tailor to fix you up with something that sits well on your shoulders and doesn’t make you look like an iron pumped dumbbell.

If he can't then you surely don't stand a chance!

If he can’t then you surely don’t stand a chance!

6) Pointy Shoes

Unless you are maharajah of crocodile-land or possess a reasonably good pair, get rid of those extremely pointed leathery shoes ASAP (much faster if they have flowery designs all over them). Especially short/round men, please do yourself a favor and leave them at home. The overall effect is more of a pointy stoat than a round stoat (a round stoat is more preferable).

Ugly Fugly

Ugly Fugly


Drop a line if you’d like to see any disasters leave our streets!